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Dear Platform Members, Dear All,

We are very pleased to present you the eighth quarterly newsletter of Pancreatic Cancer Europe.

You will find an update on the association’s activities, management, news and upcoming events.


  • Update on Pancreatic Cancer Europe‘s latest activities:
    • Pancreatic Cancer Europe event in Parliament
    • New information on PCE’s online heatmap
    • Pancreatic cancer inequality report
    • World Pancreatic Cancer Day 2018
  • More News from Pancreatic Cancer Europe
    • Farewell to Lydia and Anna, and Welcome to Antonella!
    • Welcome to our new members!
  • Agenda

Pancreatic Cancer Europe is a European multi-stakeholder platform which aims at bringing together experts from all over Europe including academics, physicians, politicians, patient groups, journalists and industry. The platform was created in 2014 and became a legal entity in 2016. We work towards the development of targeted European and national policies on pancreatic cancer, to raise awareness of the condition at national level, to improve its diagnosis, to foster data collection, and to support research.

→ Should you need further information about our association, please do not hesitate to contact the Association’s Secretariat at



On Wednesday, October 10th of 2018, the Digestive Health Group of the European Parliament organised, together with Pancreatic Cancer Europe (PCE) and United European Gastroenterology (UEG), the event “Putting pancreatic cancer on the map – what we have and what we need”. Hosted by MEP Pavel Poc, the event gathered key actors and decision-makers to exchange on pancreatic cancer and the inequalities in related healthcare across Europe and inside countries. We were honoured by the participation of MEP Pavel Poc as well as MEPs Marian-Jean Marinescu and Lieve Wierinck, who both gave insightful speeches.

Several experts also took their turn to give keynotes:

  • Lydia Makaroff, European Cancer Patients Coalition (ECPC), board member of PCE
  • Pr. Matthias Löhr, Public Affairs Committee in UEG and Karolinska Institutet
  • Alison Stunt, Pancreatic Cancer Action UK and board member of PCE
  • Pr. Miroslav Ryska, Charles University and Central Military Hospital, Prague
  • Mariella de Bausset, Secretary General of the Foundation A.R.CA.D

You can find the event report here.


The Pancreatic Cancer Europe heatmap was officially launched in April and now available on PCE’s website here.

We keep working on enriching the available data on pancreatic cancer throughout Europe: new information is now online on the Netherlands, Slovakia, Austria, Italy and Spain.  

We are always looking for more data and information to enrich the heatmap. Should you want to add some data for your country, please contact directly the Secretariat at You can contribute anytime.


Today, Europe has large discrepancies in the incidence and prevalence of pancreatic cancer. These discrepancies are the result of genetic differences, as well as unequal exposure to environmental risk factors, itself the result of cultural differences. Levels of smoking, alcohol consumption, and also diabetes and obesity are different across Europe, which contribute to the variation in the incidence of pancreatic cancer.

Moreover, it seems that pancreatic cancer has been neglected for decades at the political level. National cancer plans seldom mention pancreatic cancer, and research funding is incredibly low for such a lethal cancer.

In this context, this inequality report delivers a comprehensive presentation of the different challenges surrounding pancreatic cancer. This report aims to put pancreatic cancer on the European and national agendas, so that the EU and its Member States can seize the opportunity to tackle one of the deadliest of all common cancers. We at Pancreatic Cancer Europe know it is our duty to inform and take action towards pancreatic cancer control, but we are not able to do it alone.

Download Pancreatic Cancer Inequality report (PDF)

Members of the European Parliament endorsing the inequality report:

  • MEP Soledad Cabezón Ruiz (S&D, Spain)
  • MEP Françoise Grossetête (EPP, France)
  • MEP Nathalie Griesbeck (ALDE, France)
  • MEP Pavel Poc (S&D, Czechia)
  • MEP Theresa Griffin (S&D, UK)
  • MEP Marian Marinescu (EPP, Romania)
  • MEP Karin Kadenbach (S&D, Austria)


On 15th of November, 2018, all patients, families and communities united for World Pancreatic Cancer Day. This day, we celebrated the common work through awareness-raising, research and policies to fight pancreatic cancer. We also wanted to dedicate this day to those who suffer from this terrible cancer. We at Pancreatic Cancer Europe want to support this effort and think of all the families in need of European and national action. Our work in the past months has led to the creation of several tools and documents which are designed to foster new policies addressing this disease.

Today should be about thinking to the future and how we can reverse the trend of increasing mortality and incidence in order to avoid this fearful prediction. Every action towards a new policy, every conversation to raise awareness, every breakthrough in diagnosing pancreatic cancer is a new step taken in our fight”.

MORE NEWS FROM Pancreatic Cancer Europe

Farewell to Lydia Makaroff and Anna Rek!

We would like to give a special thank you to our former European Cancer Patients Coalition’s representatives who are sailing for new horizons in December. Through a three years collaboration we have had wonderful moments and work momentum including the PCE events in Barcelona and the development of the very first Pancreatic Cancer Advocacy Workshop in Madrid. Thanks a lot for your commitment and our best wishes for the future Anna and Lydia!

Welcome to Antonella, new Director of ECPC, who is joining the PCE Board.

Antonella Cardone is the Director of the European Cancer Patient Coalition. She has over twenty years of international activity in health, social and employment sectors. Prior to ECPC, Antonella was the Executive Director of the Fit for Work Global Alliance, a multi-stakeholder coalition championing change in health and work policy. She also worked with the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform, a patient organisation, on the "Ready for Work" project. She was previously Director of the Global Smokefree Partnership of the American Cancer Society, leading a movement of over 100 members among civil society, universities, and ministries of health to coordinate the development of smoke-free laws in 40 countries. Antonella has managed over 40 large EU co-funded projects across all EU member states. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration. Her mother tongue is Italian, with a good knowledge of French and Spanish and fluency in English.


We are extremely happy to send a warm welcome to our new Platform members!

Dr. Enrique de Madaria, Vice President of the Spanish Association of Pancreatology (AESPANC), Gastroenterologist and Pancreatologist.

Enrique organized the Race of the Cities Against Pancreatic Cancer since 2015, an international event in which 5 cities participated in 2018 in Spain and Italy (Alicante, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Bologna). He is extremely committed to look for public funding in Spain for pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Nouredin Messaoudi, Pancreatic surgeon based at the Europe Hospital, Brussels.

To close the month of November dedicated to raising awareness about pancreatic cancer, pancreatic surgeon Dr. Nouredin Messaoudi presented to a group of 150 general practitioners (GP’s) the symptoms and risks of the disease, as well as the urgent need for earlier detection. This event was organized at the Europe Hospital in Brussels (Belgium) to support GPs and give them the tools to diagnose and refer patients promptly. “Increasing awareness of symptoms and improving earlier diagnosis is crucial in the fight against pancreatic cancer,” Dr. Messaoudi explains, “as early detection of pancreatic cancer greatly increases the number of patients amenable for potentially curative surgery.”

EuropaColon Poland, represented by Mrs Iga Rawicka.

EuropaColon Poland is committed to preventing deaths from digestive cancers and improving the quality of life and support for those affected by these diseases and their families. They aim to promote and encourage increased awareness of the symptoms and prevention of these cancers. The association is campaigning for better screening and better access to the treatment according to the ESMO guidelines and best medical care. They work on uniting all key stakeholders in the fight against digestive cancers to save lives of the Poles. Pancreatic cancer patients are not represented by any other PAG in Poland.



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